THE H I I T CLUB (Fighter Fit Personal Training)

Get in shape with the new fighter fit program! Conveniently located in downtown Riverbank at 3306 Santa Fe St. Riverbank CA, 95367 (Ask about our Free Trial)

Gym Hours

Monday: 6am-8am, 4pm-9pm
Tuesday: 4pm-6pm
Wed: 6am-8am, 4pm-9pm
Thu: 4pm-7pm
Fri: 6am-8am, 4pm-7pm
Sat: Closed
Sunday: Closed

*Youth Class: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 4pm-5pm

Our Rates (ask about our Free Trial)

Youths: $50.00 monthly (ages 8-12)

Adults: $60.00 Monthly

*Ask about our family discounts.


The Hiit Club Personal & Group Training

Rates for Personal Training 30 min or 1 hour sessions/ 1 on 1:

  • $40/per 30min session/ 1x per week $60/ per 1 hr session/1 x per week
  • $35/per 30min session/2 x per week $55/ per 1 hr session/2 x per week
  • $30/per  30min session/3 x per week $50/per1 hr session/3 x per week
  • $25/per 30min session/4 or more x per wk $45 /per 1 hr session/ 4 or more x per wk

*4 x per week clients will not be charged for any special event group sessions they choose to participate in (such as outdoor bootcamps). 

Group Training: Train with a Friend and Save!!!!

  • 2-3 people/ $35-per person per session
  • 4-6 people/ $30-per person per session
  • 7-9 people/ $25-per person per session
  • 10 or more people/ $15-per person per session

Outdoor Bootcamp/Trail sessions $15 per person: Instructor will post notification of upcoming event/s. (ask about referral discount)

Payment for all selected sessions for current month is due prior to first training session.


1. Cash
2. Check
3. Debit
4. CC/ Master Card or Visa

*All debit and CC transactions will be subject to a small fee of $1.50 per transaction.

*Transactions over $50 will be run as Credit.


*Late cancellations less than 24 hours in advance or no shows will be charged, No refunds for any paid sessions.  However, client may reschedule for another time or day within the same month provided space is available. Sessions expire month to month, no roll overs.

*Clients who purchased sessions but become ill or injured and are unable to complete sessions within the month will be dealt with case by case. A Doctors note must be provided.

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