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Fitness is 100% mental; your body wont go where your mind wont push it! Let The H I I T Club help you put your fitness plan together and help you reach your goals. To be successful, you need to go to bed with a plan and wake up ready to conquer! We offer personal training and total body circuit training.

Questions? Give us a call at 209-863-2290 We are Conveniently located in downtown Riverbank at 3306 Santa Fe St. Riverbank CA, 95367

Personal Training

Purchasing your personal training package is like receiving the golden ticket to help you reach your fitness goals. Working-out is going to be like putting icing on the cake. Your diet is going to make the most noticeable changes in the beginning, The timing between meals, water intake to keep you hydrated, and a balance of carbs, fats & proteins (otherwise known as Macro-nutrients) is so important.