Benefits Of Focus Mitt Training in Boxing


We all know boxing is one of the greatest sports of all time and boxing workouts offer many benefits. In this article, The HIIT Club explores and focuses specifically on the benefits of mitt training in boxing. Training on the focus mitts is one of the best ways to develop fighting reflexes, defense technique, punching technique and fighting strategy. Focus mitt training is not only an effective workout but it is also intellectually stimulating!



How Can Focus Mitt Training Help You?

  • It can help you improve your defensive skills like slipping, blocking and rolling.
  • It improves your punching skills, power, endurance, technique, speed, accuracy and timing.
  • It allows you to practice moving against a live person, which helps improve your footwork, counter-punching, strategy and mimicking styles.
  • Your offensive skills will also improve greatly (this includes combinations and angles).



What are some of the advantages of mitt-work training over other boxing drills?

Some of the other boxing drills don’t offer the same advantages gained through focus mitt training. Next to sparring, mitt-work is the most realistic fight training simulation because it allows a fighter to practice more realistic fighting maneuvers without having to actually fight a person in the ring. One of the unique advantages of mitt-training is that it is a great way to get helpful feedback from your trainer as you are constantly moving around a live person, all while working on offense and defense simultaneously. Also, you have the opportunity to mimic and practice for certain styles.



This type of training is not only challenging but also fun (especially when done with an experienced mitt holder who is active when holding the mitts and testing your defense). Focus mitt training requires a lot of energy, coordination and complete mental focus; you will never have the opportunity to be lazy. The intensity can go up and down which means you will never get bored and you will always continue to grow and improve as a fighter. For more information about focus mitt-training or boxing in general, contact The HIIT Club!




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